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08 November 2006 @ 12:40 am
Anyone wanna carpool up to Detroit with me (and my dad XD) on February 12th?

Hearing: Shirushi - Mr. Children
08 November 2006 @ 11:22 pm
Someone should tell me how to beat that freaking Demon Door (the second one) in Raithwall's tomb...X____x I've tried three times, and I just barely get it under half HP before it crushes me, even using the torches to stop it and everything...T___T I'm completely stuck x_x

Also, Kayla, sorry for missing your call!! ;_;

BOO I have a dentist appointment tomorrow x_x

BLOOD's new mini-album is called "Spleen" x_x I am NEVER listening to that >_> makes me hurt @_@

Any of you guys listen to the jpopper aiko? I recently discovered her, and she's REALLY good *o* Also, Tourbillion is pretty amazing O_O I've also been downloading all the FLOW I can find XD Yay for listening to bands I never expected to be listening to much!! :O

OMG I REALLY wish SOMEONE would PLEEEEEASE translate the last three chapters of Air Gear!! T_T So much stuff happening, and so much dialogue, and Agito saying things that are apparently awesome and DARNNIT I WISH I COULD READ MORE JAPANESE T_T

Feeling: irritatedirritated
Hearing: 17 no gatsu - aiko