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05 November 2006 @ 10:06 pm

I played like 5 hours today ^^; I think I made some progress, but I'm still surprised at how long it takes to get to the main story O_o

Ashe is such a pompous little bitch XDD I LOVE IT. She's all "DON'T TALK TO ME, LOWLY COMMONERS >:|" and all high-and-mighty and prissy and stuff XD AWESOME. Quite a difference from other FF heroines =P

Fran continues to ROCK MY SOCKS. I've had her as my party leader ever since I got her :D I love how automatic a lot of the battles are ^^; Something will attack us, and I (as Fran) will just walk off a ways and stand around while everyone else kills the thing XD Or else I'll just put my controller down and let the computer and the Gambits take care of everything XDDDD It's so weird to be able to do that, but really funny nonetheless ^^; I also LOVE the way you learn new magic and techniques by buying them, and using the licenses to learn how to use them...it makes things go by a lot faster!!

Balthier also is awesome <3 Basch is stupid omg XD When I was going through that Nalbina underground railroad passge dungeon place, Basch died like every five seconds, even with me constantly healing him XD Eventually I just gave up and left him KOed >_> When Vaan's all "WE COULDN'T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU!!!" I'm just like "PPPPPPPPHHHHHHFFFTTTTTTTTBBBBBB XP".

Speaking of that particular dungeon, did anyone else die like a million times? e_e Actually, I only died once, but I had SO MANY close calls because the stupid monsters would gang up on me, and then the stupid Battery Mimics would heal themselves by sucking the electricity, before my attack gauges were full, and then it'd get dark, and 8757652765 zombies and flans and steeles would come attack at once and it'd be like YOU ARE ALL DEAD O_O I made the mistake of going into one of the side rooms at one point, and they just kept coming and coming and I died x_x I should've realized that they wouldn't stop coming, and just have retreated, BUT NO. -_-

I had fun with that Queen Mimic boss though :D!!

I don't get why they say Fran's a master of weapons and can fight with everything, but then they let you license everyone else to fight with everything too O_o; Whatever, I like the setup with Basch and Vaan with blades, Fran with long-distance weapons...Balthier, I'm not sure...the gun's cool, but it's not very strong, so I might have him use something else =/ There really are a wide variety of weapons, though, and I love how when you equip weapons and/or armor, you actually see it on the character, and they actually do look different (like the different swords all look different!).

Does anyone else feel that this Final Fantasy seems less like a FF game than anything? It's more mature and complicated, with a more realistic storyline, and the graphics seem more gritty and...realistic, than past games, as is the battle-system and just about everything else :O I LIKE IT ^_^
I would compare it to something like Fable, but I've never played Fable, only watched, so I dunno e_e

P.S. I am still loving the Flee function XD I find it fun to just run around with monsters chasing me \8D/ And trying to lose them around corners and stuff XD I'm such a dork ;~;

P.P.S. I would like to play this game with someone too :3 It's lonely having no one watch you play and comment and stuff, or watching someone else play ;_;

Cataclystic Bind: fran is like chewbacca but more awesome


If anyone's curious as to what Fran's voice sounds like, she's in that video a bit...her voice is awesome *o*
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