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04 November 2006 @ 10:08 pm
Livejournal died but was reborn!! yay!!

In other news...FINAL FANTASY 12!!! It's getting a LOT better xP

Fran's voice...is amazing...omg XD I absolutely LOVE it <3 It's so cool XD *fails* Um, Fran in general is kickass...I totally freaked when she first appeared XD And yay, we finally see Ashe again!! O_o; I was sorta surprised how long it took to get into the main storyline =/

OH, and did anyone else get completely killed by the werewolves out in the Giza Plains? XD It was actually pretty funny lmao. Vaan gets hit with 206 damage from a werewolf and it's like "CHANGE PARTY LEADER PLZ \8D/" and I'm look HOSHIT and run like hell away, as Penelo XDDDDD I LOOOOOVE that R2 Flee function xP I actually said RUN, RUN AWAY!!! aloud, and immediately reminded myself of Demyx, and felt like a total nerd e_e

I love Penelo so much <3 From her design and description, I thought she'd be cute and peaceful and sweet, but she's totally awesome XD I love her attitude towards Vaan, always reprimanding him (BECAUSE HE'S A MORON) and being much smarter in general =P I taught her magic, thinking she'd be in my party for a while longer, but then she left and I was sad D:

I hate Vaan >_>

Also, sooooo many lovely, fully-rendered scenes!! I <3 them!!!

I watched Fantasia tonight :3 It was nice ^o^-b

...I need FFXII icons :O
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