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01 November 2006 @ 03:31 pm
In addition to FFXII, I want this and this.
I wanna cosplay Tamber from the Mana game, and then a bunch of Refia outfits from FFIII ;_; I love Refia's main outfit (and I love how they rendered the main characters in high-quality 3D!), as well as her Geomancer outfit *-* Also, Luneth is adorable T_T

I went through and deleted about 4GB of stuff I don't listen to/watch.
There's a lot of random uploads sent to my public gmail account, kissmesnow@gmail.com (Password: hanakotoba), so go check them out if you're interested~ I started to upload all the stuff I was deleting, but then decided not to after I did the first few.

People are tired of me saying this, you must be, but I feel like shit x-x Three times I messed up on a horribly simple velocity worksheet before getting it right (5 questions took about 2 hours what the hell). I tried looking at my math homework, but my brain didn't comprehend a thing. A minute ago I got out my AP Lit essay assignment for 1984, and couldn't come up with anything to write, even though there are like 25 different prompts. I'm so tired, I can't focus on anything important, and I've been crying all day. I'm really sick of this ._. I slept well last night, too!!

It's November, so I get another $30, but I owe mom $20, and Aya $20, so I really get nothing, and I lose $10 x_x So now I have about $120 left in savings. I really want to buy one of those games, but I also need to get two new wigs, for Agito and Ion. Actually, I have a really crappy long blonde wig that I might try cutting for Ion. Doubt it'll turn out well (it was like $12 XD), but it's worth a try ^^; Was planning on throwing it away anyway, so might as well try to use it for something...keyword try :X

I guess I'll just hope my parents will be willing to get me one of those games for Christmas and Birthday ^^

Um, I think my dad is gonna get a room for Ohayocon soon. Those of you interested in rooming, if you can, please send me a $20 deposit via Paypal (mapletrois@gmail.com) or send me a check (made out to Lee Ann Pretzman), or just give me cash if you'll see me before December.
We're only getting one room this year, because I can't handle the stress of managing two rooms. Right now I have me, Aya, Kristi, Cassandra, Amanda...maybe Emily (Kristi? is she coming?) and Catie (I think I mentioned something to her about rooming e.e)? So probably 2 or 3 more people would work ^^ If lots more people REALLY wanna stay with me (doubt it lol o_O), we can see about getting connected rooms again...I really want to, but I dunno if I could, and not many people seem to be interested in rooming this year~
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01 November 2006 @ 11:44 pm
A Gilgamesh FST!! Omg ;_; I love the story of Gilgamesh <3 First yaoi subtext in the history of the world lolz. This fst makes me happy :3 Now I wanna go read the translation again *o*

Reading through the summaries of each section, I totally realized a historical referance in D.Gray-Man XD You know how the Noahs were descendants of, well...Noah, and his family, who created the Innocence cube...dude, that cube is totally in Gilgamesh!! :O That's where they got the idea from XD

Also, there was a Paradise Lost fst posted earlier today :3 Both this and that one had versions of Lux Aeterna XD I love that song!

Thank God that villain month is over!! x_x I was getting REALLY sick of all the freaking Organization XIII FSTs x_x There must've been like at least 15 posted in the last 3 days O___o It was absolutely ridiculous XD And none of them were even very good in the first place xP The only good Orgy 13 FST I've gotten is one that was posted like 4 months ago e_e

But this month is Mythology!! Someone should do a Dante FST, please :) Also, Ishtar + other Egyptian Gods :D That would make me happy <3

Kingdom Hearts TCG cards!! Some nice pics, although they're really small ;_; But it's cool to see the different Heartless and Nobodies, without them constantly moving and jumping around XD

I need to get caught up on my KHII crap :X Like, get around to reading the novel translations. It's been hard lately, because they're so....deep and philosophical, that I have difficulty understanding what the hell Riku and namine are talking about, in the crappy state of mind that I have been in for the past 2+ weeks @_@

Also, people have the KHII manga translations out x_x I'm so behind ;_;

More useless rambling from me :X Trying to get my mind off things (like the 3+ health appointments tomorrow and Friday x_x). Don't mind me ^^;
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