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10 November 2006 @ 11:39 pm

...I got a new journal :O

Please go add blood_sorbet :D

I am in the process of adding all of you lovelies :3

But please don't delete this one off your FL!! T_T I'll still post in it from time to time, and it'll always be here if you wanna go back and find something ^_^

Also, I have a fever of 99.8 D: Considering my normal temp is around 97.2...
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09 November 2006 @ 05:37 pm
What the fucking hell!! For like the 8th time, i still can't beat that demon wall!! I leveled everyone up to 14, and I kept on top of getting rid of everyone's blindness...I don't know what I'm doing wrong!! I'm so fucking pissed right now, I could cry.

Please tell me exactly what weapons and levels and magic you guys had when you beat the stupid thing, because nothing I do is doing any fucking good.
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08 November 2006 @ 11:22 pm
Someone should tell me how to beat that freaking Demon Door (the second one) in Raithwall's tomb...X____x I've tried three times, and I just barely get it under half HP before it crushes me, even using the torches to stop it and everything...T___T I'm completely stuck x_x

Also, Kayla, sorry for missing your call!! ;_;

BOO I have a dentist appointment tomorrow x_x

BLOOD's new mini-album is called "Spleen" x_x I am NEVER listening to that >_> makes me hurt @_@

Any of you guys listen to the jpopper aiko? I recently discovered her, and she's REALLY good *o* Also, Tourbillion is pretty amazing O_O I've also been downloading all the FLOW I can find XD Yay for listening to bands I never expected to be listening to much!! :O

OMG I REALLY wish SOMEONE would PLEEEEEASE translate the last three chapters of Air Gear!! T_T So much stuff happening, and so much dialogue, and Agito saying things that are apparently awesome and DARNNIT I WISH I COULD READ MORE JAPANESE T_T

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08 November 2006 @ 12:40 am
Anyone wanna carpool up to Detroit with me (and my dad XD) on February 12th?

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07 November 2006 @ 10:33 pm
Ok, raise your hand if you got completely screwed over by Garuda? e_e *raises hand*

I love readng through the comments on the troll posts in that community XD Makes my day every time <3
Also, I would like to know WHAT THE HELL those things are that are converging on the Doritos O_O omg *scared*

Thanks to 1849, I have an Abingdon Boys School cover of BUCK-TICK's "Dress" (the Trinity Blood opening). OMG <333333 dare I say I like it better than the original?! >_> Nah, BUCK-TICK > T.M. Revolution =P

I want to go see Diru again ;~;

SID has a new album? O_o *goes to find it and hopes it's as joyous as the last few singles*

HELLO TAKUMI-ACTOR why are you so hot? D:
You make talking on the phone look SO sexy T_T
I should find out his name \8D/;

I love this icon ._.
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07 November 2006 @ 04:09 pm
I TOTALLY got killed in like 5 seconds by Judge Ghis X____x omg.

I gave Ashe a javelin XD
Also, Penelo is officially my uber!magic user. Uber, because all my other people have basic cure and the three starter black magics, but she has all the stuff past that. I think I'm gonna get her some rods or bows :)

Lharsa pisses me off XD he's like 10 and he's all acting like a wise old man, and ordering people around e-e I'm like FUCK OFF, BRAT!!! >:O

LOL yes XD; For the record, I really haven't taught my characters how to wear much of anything, beisdes the basic stuff XD; Maybe that's why they all die so easily e_e

Anna, I'll let you know tomorrow if I can come Saturday. My sickness is resurfacing, so...e_e;

I am jealous of all the Youmacon people who had lots of fun last weekend ;_;
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05 November 2006 @ 10:06 pm

I played like 5 hours today ^^; I think I made some progress, but I'm still surprised at how long it takes to get to the main story O_o

Ashe is such a pompous little bitch XDD I LOVE IT. She's all "DON'T TALK TO ME, LOWLY COMMONERS >:|" and all high-and-mighty and prissy and stuff XD AWESOME. Quite a difference from other FF heroines =P

Fran continues to ROCK MY SOCKS. I've had her as my party leader ever since I got her :D I love how automatic a lot of the battles are ^^; Something will attack us, and I (as Fran) will just walk off a ways and stand around while everyone else kills the thing XD Or else I'll just put my controller down and let the computer and the Gambits take care of everything XDDDD It's so weird to be able to do that, but really funny nonetheless ^^; I also LOVE the way you learn new magic and techniques by buying them, and using the licenses to learn how to use them...it makes things go by a lot faster!!

Balthier also is awesome <3 Basch is stupid omg XD When I was going through that Nalbina underground railroad passge dungeon place, Basch died like every five seconds, even with me constantly healing him XD Eventually I just gave up and left him KOed >_> When Vaan's all "WE COULDN'T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU!!!" I'm just like "PPPPPPPPHHHHHHFFFTTTTTTTTBBBBBB XP".

Speaking of that particular dungeon, did anyone else die like a million times? e_e Actually, I only died once, but I had SO MANY close calls because the stupid monsters would gang up on me, and then the stupid Battery Mimics would heal themselves by sucking the electricity, before my attack gauges were full, and then it'd get dark, and 8757652765 zombies and flans and steeles would come attack at once and it'd be like YOU ARE ALL DEAD O_O I made the mistake of going into one of the side rooms at one point, and they just kept coming and coming and I died x_x I should've realized that they wouldn't stop coming, and just have retreated, BUT NO. -_-

I had fun with that Queen Mimic boss though :D!!

I don't get why they say Fran's a master of weapons and can fight with everything, but then they let you license everyone else to fight with everything too O_o; Whatever, I like the setup with Basch and Vaan with blades, Fran with long-distance weapons...Balthier, I'm not sure...the gun's cool, but it's not very strong, so I might have him use something else =/ There really are a wide variety of weapons, though, and I love how when you equip weapons and/or armor, you actually see it on the character, and they actually do look different (like the different swords all look different!).

Does anyone else feel that this Final Fantasy seems less like a FF game than anything? It's more mature and complicated, with a more realistic storyline, and the graphics seem more gritty and...realistic, than past games, as is the battle-system and just about everything else :O I LIKE IT ^_^
I would compare it to something like Fable, but I've never played Fable, only watched, so I dunno e_e

P.S. I am still loving the Flee function XD I find it fun to just run around with monsters chasing me \8D/ And trying to lose them around corners and stuff XD I'm such a dork ;~;

P.P.S. I would like to play this game with someone too :3 It's lonely having no one watch you play and comment and stuff, or watching someone else play ;_;

Cataclystic Bind: fran is like chewbacca but more awesome


If anyone's curious as to what Fran's voice sounds like, she's in that video a bit...her voice is awesome *o*
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04 November 2006 @ 10:08 pm
Livejournal died but was reborn!! yay!!

In other news...FINAL FANTASY 12!!! It's getting a LOT better xP

Fran's voice...is amazing...omg XD I absolutely LOVE it <3 It's so cool XD *fails* Um, Fran in general is kickass...I totally freaked when she first appeared XD And yay, we finally see Ashe again!! O_o; I was sorta surprised how long it took to get into the main storyline =/

OH, and did anyone else get completely killed by the werewolves out in the Giza Plains? XD It was actually pretty funny lmao. Vaan gets hit with 206 damage from a werewolf and it's like "CHANGE PARTY LEADER PLZ \8D/" and I'm look HOSHIT and run like hell away, as Penelo XDDDDD I LOOOOOVE that R2 Flee function xP I actually said RUN, RUN AWAY!!! aloud, and immediately reminded myself of Demyx, and felt like a total nerd e_e

I love Penelo so much <3 From her design and description, I thought she'd be cute and peaceful and sweet, but she's totally awesome XD I love her attitude towards Vaan, always reprimanding him (BECAUSE HE'S A MORON) and being much smarter in general =P I taught her magic, thinking she'd be in my party for a while longer, but then she left and I was sad D:

I hate Vaan >_>

Also, sooooo many lovely, fully-rendered scenes!! I <3 them!!!

I watched Fantasia tonight :3 It was nice ^o^-b

...I need FFXII icons :O
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03 November 2006 @ 11:20 pm
KRISTI!!! Aya said she talked to Emily today, something about Emily and Ohayocon and registration or hotels or something? O_o She told me to ask you more about it? XD;

Yay Final Fantasy XII!! I am like nowhere yet (just finished with the Rogue Tomato thingy, which was easy as hell wtf O_o), but I'll give my opinion anyways ^^ The battle system is weird, but it's not too bad after you get the hang of it :) I do miss pushing buttons constantly though XD *loser* Also, seeing as the last two rpgs I've played were FFX-2 and KHII, both which have the main character being able to jump, I keep trying to make Vaan jump, and I get all sad when nothing happens e_e I LIKE JUMPING TT_TT

As for voices, they're not TOO bad. Not as bad as X and X-2 (I hated them, sorry if you liked them >_>), but still sorta nnoying. Like, all the soldier/government characters have these crazy British/Scottish accents...really strong accents, too XD I was like "O_____o". Vaan's voice, however, makes me mad. Actually, Vaan makes me mad, period. WTF KID, YOU ARE SO STUPID. Geeze -_-

The animation is absolutely amazing though!! LOTS and lots of nice, pretty fully rendered cutscenes, and the scenery of Ivalice is ASTOUNDING @_@ The whole feel of the game's world reminds me of Naboo from Star Wars, from the architecture and light, airyness, to the warships with soldiers marching out of them, to the parades...the whole thing is VERY Star Wars-esque, which isn't bad at all. And the battle scenes look very much like Lord of the Rings, which, again, is fine ^^ It's pretty obvious where they got their inspirations from though!!

The one thing I'm most frustrated with so far is that the town you start out in (er, city actually) is SO FREAKING CONFUSING!!! I seriously can NOT find my way around T_T So it's taking me a really long time to get through stuff XD; Cuz I constantly get lost, and then the camera is randomly like "HEY GUYZ LET'S LOOK AT THE GROUND 8D" and it's annoying to have to keep moving the right analog stick >:O Also, I don't like having to use the actual directional buttons for menus ;_; I just wanna use my handy left analog stick for everything, please!! ;O;

Maybe I'm just too picky XD I really like Penelo, though, she's sooooo cute!! And Ashe's black mourning dress was really pretty *o* And Reks' dub voice is Yuri Lowenthal, who's the VA of Sasuke in the Naruto dub XD Haha.

This evening we watched My Neighbor Totoro, which just put me in a really good mood :3 Also, Aya was impressed at my knowledge of the Shinto tradition of tying those rope-things around trees and rocks and such (my mom asked, and Aya couldn't explain in english, so I did instead). My ego was like YAY :D
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03 November 2006 @ 03:47 pm
HAHA and Reks totally sounds like Sasuke, too XD

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