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03 November 2006 @ 11:20 pm
KRISTI!!! Aya said she talked to Emily today, something about Emily and Ohayocon and registration or hotels or something? O_o She told me to ask you more about it? XD;

Yay Final Fantasy XII!! I am like nowhere yet (just finished with the Rogue Tomato thingy, which was easy as hell wtf O_o), but I'll give my opinion anyways ^^ The battle system is weird, but it's not too bad after you get the hang of it :) I do miss pushing buttons constantly though XD *loser* Also, seeing as the last two rpgs I've played were FFX-2 and KHII, both which have the main character being able to jump, I keep trying to make Vaan jump, and I get all sad when nothing happens e_e I LIKE JUMPING TT_TT

As for voices, they're not TOO bad. Not as bad as X and X-2 (I hated them, sorry if you liked them >_>), but still sorta nnoying. Like, all the soldier/government characters have these crazy British/Scottish accents...really strong accents, too XD I was like "O_____o". Vaan's voice, however, makes me mad. Actually, Vaan makes me mad, period. WTF KID, YOU ARE SO STUPID. Geeze -_-

The animation is absolutely amazing though!! LOTS and lots of nice, pretty fully rendered cutscenes, and the scenery of Ivalice is ASTOUNDING @_@ The whole feel of the game's world reminds me of Naboo from Star Wars, from the architecture and light, airyness, to the warships with soldiers marching out of them, to the parades...the whole thing is VERY Star Wars-esque, which isn't bad at all. And the battle scenes look very much like Lord of the Rings, which, again, is fine ^^ It's pretty obvious where they got their inspirations from though!!

The one thing I'm most frustrated with so far is that the town you start out in (er, city actually) is SO FREAKING CONFUSING!!! I seriously can NOT find my way around T_T So it's taking me a really long time to get through stuff XD; Cuz I constantly get lost, and then the camera is randomly like "HEY GUYZ LET'S LOOK AT THE GROUND 8D" and it's annoying to have to keep moving the right analog stick >:O Also, I don't like having to use the actual directional buttons for menus ;_; I just wanna use my handy left analog stick for everything, please!! ;O;

Maybe I'm just too picky XD I really like Penelo, though, she's sooooo cute!! And Ashe's black mourning dress was really pretty *o* And Reks' dub voice is Yuri Lowenthal, who's the VA of Sasuke in the Naruto dub XD Haha.

This evening we watched My Neighbor Totoro, which just put me in a really good mood :3 Also, Aya was impressed at my knowledge of the Shinto tradition of tying those rope-things around trees and rocks and such (my mom asked, and Aya couldn't explain in english, so I did instead). My ego was like YAY :D
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Marissaorochi_kitty on November 4th, 2006 05:12 am (UTC)
hell at least the voices and the lips actually match up with one another. As opposed in X-2 where they'll say something and then the lips keep moving after they're done saying something. So much, much improved over that.
Nataliemaplecroix on November 5th, 2006 02:56 am (UTC)
I actually noticed and was quite impressed with how much their lips matched XD
Kristi Barrera: Michiyuki//by komori_tifakomori_tifa on November 4th, 2006 05:56 am (UTC)

Eeee!! FFXII! I want to buy it so badly, but I still have Oogie's Revenge and Gyakuten Saiban 2 (and a bunch of other games) to finish.
Nataliemaplecroix on November 5th, 2006 02:54 am (UTC)
Um, ok...apparently they talked on the phone, and Emily said that you guys had like bought registration badges for all 3, but Emily couldn't pay that much money for the registration, but since you'd already bought it, she told Aya to ask me if I wanted it? O__o Aya doesn't wanna pay that much either, otherwise Emily would've had her take it? At first Aya was referring it to the hotel room, talking like you guys had already gotten a hotel room and that Emily couldn't pay her part, but I figured that the two were just confused about everything and really meant the registration, not the room, since you're staying in my room...right? O___o I dunno, I'm really confused, so maybe you should ask Emily about that XD;
Also, I don't think that Aya really understands what Ohayocon is (how can you, when you've never been to such a thing? ^^;), so she doesn't know that it costs money for a badge to get into everything, so that's why she was probably thinking that Emily meant the hotel cost...I think both are confused, so if you have no idea what I'm talking about, I'll ask Aya again and try to explain stuff to her ^^;;
Although at this point I'm not even sure that Aya would wanna go really...she said she'd like to stop by and check things out, but she doesn't wanna spend the night there or anything...probably because she doesn't really like anime or manga very much =/ It's sad, but apparently she got a letter from her friend, teasing her about how she's going to get turned into an otaku/cosplayer by living here and hanging out with me, and Aya got all defensive and was like NO I WON'T!!! so I think her and her friends are the type that think of otaku and cosplayers as freaks u_u so I doubt she'd enjoy Ohayocon much ;_;

Rent it!! That's what I did XD; The battle system is really weird, so you should definitly just try it out before buying it, to make sure you like it well enough ^^;
chappythebunny on November 4th, 2006 06:58 am (UTC)
yeah, I loved X and X-2 but the voices WERE horrible. I kinda remember X being worse than X-2...especially that whole "I've...done it...I have...become...a summoner" ROBO YUNA SMASH!

maybe they were trying too hard to sync the lips and the voices or something? I know that drives a lot of people crazy when they don't match up, but I'm more like "I understand this was synced for another language, so stop talking like you've never done it before T^T"

Ashe's funeral dress did rock. I'm still unsure about her fairly skanky wedding dress
Nataliemaplecroix on November 5th, 2006 02:57 am (UTC)
Yeah, exactly XD;

I dunno, but the FFXII voices are sinced really well with the lips :O It sorta impressed me ^^;

Yes! Except it was hard to make out =/ I love her wedding dress, but it is a bit skanky XD Her main outfit is skanky too, even though it's cute =P